#MyLifeAt15: Youth For Change supports Girls Not Brides campaign

Girls Not Brides are a global coalition leading the fight against child and early forced marriage (CEFM). Their latest campaign, #MyLifeat15, throws light on how CEFM wastes the potential and aspirations of so many girls worldwide. 

#MyLifeAt15 celebrates the dreams and ambitions we hold at the age of 15 in support of every girl having the opportunity to achieve hers without child marriage holding her back.

Our Youth For Change teams have been showing their support! 

How can you support the campaign?

1) Share your photo and describe your ambitions and dreams at the age of 15, using #MyLifeAt15 and #EndChildMarriage.

Unless we act, 15 million girls a year will be unable to realise their dreams and ambitions because of child marriage.

2) Share the campaign with your friends, colleagues and networks. 

We are stronger when we speak with one voice!

  • 15M girls a year are married before 18. This must change! Join #MyLifeAt15 & tell leaders to #EndChildMarriage now. http://bit.ly/MyLifeAt15
  • Every girl deserves to fulfil her dreams. Share your #MyLifeAt15 photo & join the mov’t to #EndChildMarriage! http://bit.ly/MyLifeAt15
  • We will #EndChildMarriage by 2030. Let’s put our #GlobalGoals commitment into action. Join #MyLifeAt15 today: http://bit.ly/MyLifeAt15

3) Take the campaign offline! 

Use the campaign toolkit to petition your government, reach out to media, or raise awareness in your community.

Girls deserve the chance to fulfil their dreams and ambitions. Together, let’s urge governments to make child marriage history!

Fine out more about the camaign.