#LetHerShine Campaign: Bangladesh Team shine a light on girls' potential

LetHerShine Twitter pic-01-01.png

#LetHerShine is the first campaign action from Youth For Change Bangladesh, marking International Day of the Girl (#IDG2015)! It shines a spotlight on girls’ superpowers, and demonstrates to decision makers just how important it is that they be allowed to realise their potential.

“Sometimes a little spark is all a girl needs to ignite herself to the fullest potential, and if you give a girl that spark, that shine - it turns out you don't need a knight in a shining armour to save the "princess". Rather, the girl becomes the knight to save the day for everybody else.”

Bangladesh’s #LetHerShine campaign is aiming  to change the outlook of the society towards girls by capturing the voices of young people, students, teachers, politicians and people from every strata of society.

How’s it done?

The team are carrying out a range of workshops in schools and universities, helping young people and adults explore what it means to be a girl in society, and capturing multimedia success stories and personal messages around gender issues from their peers and elders.

The team will meet with local officials and decision makers on 11th October, International Day of the Girl, to present their findings and to advocate for the role of young people working in partnership with government to bring an end to child marriage. 

They’ll be capturing the action long the way on social media, so tune in to #LetHerShine to stay up to date.

Support the campaign:

Visit Youth For Change Bangladesh on social media, tweet or leave a Facebook message saying why you think girls deserve to realise their potential and live free from child marriage!

Don’t forget to include the hashtag #LetHerShine!