#CYF2015: "We want solutions - and this time we want them for real"

This week the Commonwealth Youth Forum 2015 (#CYF2015) is taking place in Malta. It's a chance for young people to influence the crucial work of the Commonwealth on human rights & development worldwide. We're represented by Youth For Change Bangladesh and Tanzania, who will be keeping you updated on all the action.

In our first Commonwealth Youth Forum blog, Youth For Change Bangladesh's Maisha talks about her belief in the power of young people, and how it's led her to #CYF2015.

It’s not every day an activist’s dream gets fulfilled. The journey of an activist’s life is never easy. There are ups and downs, bumps and barriers, and the odds are almost never in your favor.

But for some reason, be it God’s will or the hopes and expectations riding on us, this time, the odds were on our side! After much hard work, Youth For Change Bangladesh finally has a chance to represent itself on an international platform – and not just that, but a prestigious and important platform like Commonwealth Youth Forum 2015, happening here in Malta this year!

I think I speak on behalf of all young people when I say that we want solutions - and this time we want them for real.

As a representative of Bangladesh, my own dreams and expectations from this forum are also sky high. Because I believe in the power of youth, I know my expectations are not illogical or ambitious. I expect to represent my motherland in the best way possible and get some tangible solutions and measurable progress or outcomes from this Youth Forum. I think I speak on behalf of all young people when I say that we want solutions - and this time we want them for real.

We don’t want thick and fat files which just sit on the top of the desks, dusty and ignored. We don’t want some fake promises or commitments that even we forget after the Forum comes to an end. And we definitely don’t want people to say that young people just have a big mouth rather than a big brain.

This is what I intend to prove, along with other young people joining me here. I want the decision makers and stakeholders to realize, acknowledge and support the potential and capabilities of young people.

It’s the dead end of night right now. I am waiting for my flight, dreaming about the outcomes of the coming week. I expect all the activists in the world will get something out of CHOGM one way or another, and I expect a lot of progresses to be made for achieving gender equality as well - we're there to make sure that young people aren't just taking part, but are at the centre of these decisions.

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