#16Days: Rebeca Gyumi on involving young people in activism

For 16 Days of activism, we've been showcasing inspirational youth activists froma round the world. Youth for Change Tanzania's Francis went to meet Rebeca Gyumi to find out about her activism and her views on youth power.

My heart is pounding as i take an elevator at Regency Business Park thirty minutes before my interview with her. This is not the first time i am visiting this place but today i am here for a different purpose, to interview Tanzania’s golden Girl, Rebeca Gyumi.

Rebeca Gyumi 2.png

Rebeca has won the hearts of many youth and adults through her work as a volunteer, television personality and a youth activist. Rebeca is one of those Television personality that i have been truly admiring and i was so astonished of how humble and friendly she was as i was asking her my questions on different issues.

She is currently working for femina hip, a reputable organization that envision a gender equal society in which youth are confident and competent change-makers. She is also involved with other different youth initiatives as an advocate and mentor.

When i asked Rebeca why did she become a girls rights activist, she replied calmly;

‘I have grown up in a society where when girls are empowered can contribute greatly to the development of their society and I am a living example’

She added that she is grateful that her mother believed on education which is also her area of interest. Rebeca looked straight at my eyes and said firmly, ‘’education is a tool for emancipation of girls’’.

Rebeca wants to see a society where girls are not defined as people who stays in the kitchen and wait for marriage. She is dreaming for bigger things especially after the end of girl power (Nguvu ya Binti) Television Show which i do not remember missing an episode.

Her call to the government is, the government of Tanzania should make deliberately efforts of involving youth on decision making. She also urges the government to make sure youth have a neutral National Youth Council as the Country is in the process of creating one. Rebeca urges International Organization to continue supporting youth initiatives.

As I was finishing i asked her if she had anything to add, she replied yes and I allowed her to go ahead. Rebeca said:

We as young people should demand for a space since we are the majority. Our voice will only be heard if we demand for that’

Her last statement continued to repeat on my head as i was heading back to my office.

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