DFID steps up youth involvement in Bangladesh

The Department For International Development (DFID) Bangladesh have recently set up their own Youth Advisory Group, with the aim of involving young people more extensively in their work. Sifat from Youth For Change Bangladesh reports...

After the unofficial introductory meeting on 20th April, DFID Bangladesh country office arranged an official meet on 9th June with a larger scale of youth in the British High Commission Dhaka initiating the inception of a Youth Advisory Group (YAG) of DFID in Bangladesh.

The meeting was moderated by Mr. Naved Chowdhury, Social Protection Adviser, DFID Bangladesh.The invited young people in the meeting were from several youth led organizations, NGO’s and Universities. There were representatives from the following organisations:

Maisha, Sifat and Shawon from Youth for Change Bangladesh were nominated to join the advisory group. With the inception of this group, for the first time DFID Bangladesh is considering young people to get involved in the designing, planning, monitoring and evaluation of DFID’s programmes; both as beneficiaries and as advisers.

Sifat from the Youth for Change Bangladesh Team 

Sifat from the Youth for Change Bangladesh Team 

A presentation on DFID’s Engagement with Youth was given by Mr. Naved in the beginning of the meeting. There were some discussions on how to engage youth in the decision making of DFID’s activities and how to do so, what main issues should the youths advocate etc. A stat from British Council’s Next Generation Bangladesh Survey showed that Unemployment is the factor that caused young people to get involved in violent acts.

There were also some discussions on the Child Marriage situation of Bangladesh and the necessity of working with Gender Violence in Bangladesh. Later the risks and the expectations of engaging youth were heard from the participants.

The new Youth Advisory Group will be able to review the systems and challenge the staff of DFID with the activities and projects. There will be regular face to face meeting of the youths with the senior staffs of the DFID country office.

It’s expected that, with the beginning of this new advisory group, DFID will help to amplify the voice of young people to express their needs in the right place and to the right people in Bangladesh.

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