Meet Specioza: "Change begins with a single step"

Specioza is one of Youth For Change Tanzania's newest team members. She tells us why she believes young people should lead change in their own countries...

Change begins with a single step. This is what made me to take a step into Youth For Change, to become a member of an anti gender-based violence lobby so as to be the change. 

Working with Youth For Change is a way to combat social violence such as FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), child marriage, and gender based violence. Our communities are full of gender-based violence and the main victims are girls and children. Hence as a girl who has come to understand my rights, I need to stand and fight for vulnerable group.

Youth For Change calls men and women to work together and raise our voices, trying to claim for what we deserve to enjoy as humans and stopping this inhuman behaviors.

I've been participating in various projects of awaking the societies like Fema Clubs but each project has its own way of working. Youth For Change works with everyone regardless of the age and the sex, because the better society which is free from vulnerability and oppression is brought by the natives and not foreigners. The foreigners can only initiate. Thus as a native I want to show my efforts through Youth For Change, emphasize, initiate and facilitate to all people in the world.

I expect that through Youth For Change I will be able to generate ideas to youth and initiatives that can give whole community a sense of connectivity and hope throughout their future generation.

Find out more about Youth For Change Tanzania on their Facebook page, and on Twitter at @Youth4ChangeTz.