Meet Aidan: "There is nothing more important than self-awareness"

Aidan is one of Youth For Change Tanzania's newest team members. He explains why he believes youth have the power to make change...

Like a ship on the periphery of storms; humanity is tossed on the catastrophe of gender inequalities. Such inequalities are rooted in social cultural beliefs which have led to the violence based on gender where both women and girls have fallen to be the victims. Their rights are hindered; even those which are inalienable.

Aidan, new youth for change team member

Aidan, new youth for change team member

The sufferings which they endure does not only end in physical and sexual assaults but also psychological and economic impacts. Being a law student; my sole aspiration is to defend justice. My heart bleeds because of these injustices. The wounds in my heart can only be healed when I can talk and speak; write and highlight; lobby and advocate the essence of preserving justice and respecting human rights.

The promise of young and energetic bodies which are bestowed with miraculous minds has drove me into a belief of initiating changes among the fellow young population. I am grateful for Youth For Change Tanzania for believing in my perspective.

Youth For Change has raised like a shining beacon where I can stand and add more lights to the fellow young citizens who walks in the gutter. I believe young people ought to know their surroundings before raising their heads and try to look for stars. And, so in Youth For Change; I am standing for that great cause to criticize myth and formulate facts which will underly the beliefs in modern civilization of this young generation.

There is nothing more important than self-awareness before embarking societal changes. As a legal trainee; this is my opportunity to explore the hearts and minds of communities whom I ought to serve. I will be developing my career and at the same time understanding the dynamics of societal changes.

The storms will abate if I will not do this to humanity and this will only work when youth will believe in it as strong as I do!

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