Meet Catherine: "Youth For Change's vision is my vision"

Catherine is one of the newest members of Youth For Change Tanzania - she explains what inspired her to join the fight against gender-based violence...

Today I sat and thought why I joined Youth For Change. I have been working with other local, regional non-government organizations and the government entities, and volunteered with a diverse number of youth organizations towards advocating for girls' educational needs to be met in Tanzania .

Catherine, new youth for change team member

Catherine, new youth for change team member

We need changes today - I stand up with Youth For Change, a global movement of young people working in coalition to end gender-based violence in their communities, most especially ending child marriage and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

I want to be part of influencing positive change, and I'm hoping to raise the rate of young girls enrollment in schools. No girl child should be deprived from education or opportunities due to forced marriage .

It is important that in my community there can beequal education opportunities for boys and girls, equaljobs for women and men  - and all this can be done through gender equality. Today I join other youths to send a powerful message to the society calling for change. The time has come for everyone speak louder than our voices. We don’t need a boss to sit on parliament chairs without taking actions. We need active leaders in our governments, to ensure every single girl child achieves her full potential.

Youth for Change vision is my vision. I look towards a community with no more early marriages, no more challenges for girls to go to school. I believe in her, she will make you safe. She will see from every side. This is our moment to restore young girls and women’s dignity by ending child marriage, and ending FGM.

Find out more about Youth For Change Tanzania on their Facebook page, and on Twitter at @Youth4ChangeTz.