Youth For Change Bangladesh hold campaigning training

To bring the voices of youth and to equip them with necessary skills, Plan International Bangladesh organised a two days residential training on “Advocacy & Campaign Design” for the panel members of Youth For Change and members of the Young Change Makers Coalition in Bangladesh (YCMC).

At the beginning of the session, the facilitator welcomed everyone and shared the objective of the training. Then all the participants set the ground rules for the training, though it was not a tight schedule rather a very flexible one. On the first day, there were session on new proposed child  marriage law and different aspects of this Then, there was an interesting session on different ways of advocacy and examples.

After the lunch hour, participants had an interactive session on Video making and Photography where facilitator showed some basics of these two strong tools and then, showed some good practices and how to use effectively, in particular for social media.

Then, participants were divided into three groups and went to photo-walk. Each group were given a task to capture 10 good photos. All groups roamed through the resort and then presented them to the wider group. Then, everybody discussed the photos and then cleared up any any confusion by discussing among themselves.

On day two, they began to design a campaign though, they started to plan from the previous night. And, then at morning, they shared their group works and incorporated new ideas. After the group presentations, they prepared a common campaign for the next six months and finished the training with a view to begin with added enthusiasm.

Apart from training, participants enjoyed sports (table tennis, ludu, badminton) a lot and also they enjoyed the resort weather a lot. On the second day, they had a wonderful time in swimming pool and after dinner, every night they gathered together for group song which was really memorable.

As a whole, this training was not be end but the end of beginning...stay tuned for more development from the Bangladesh team!