Engaging with Asian Youth Forum 5

Asian Youth Forum 5 (AYF5) meeting was held 2nd - 7th May 2017 with the theme "Youth for prosperity of Asia and Pacific" parallel to the Annual meeting of ADB in Yokohama, Japan. The theme was in support of the overall theme of 50th ADB Annual Governors meeting, “Building Together the Prosperity of Asia”. A total of 162 youth participants joined the program.


 AYF5 provided youth with the unique opportunity to engage stakeholders and demonstrate the capacity they possess to support sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the region. As the part of AYF5 & ADD Annual meeting-50th, Mr. Shamim Ahmed, youth volunteer of Plan International Bangladesh participated in the program. He is also a member of Young Change Makers Coalition in Bangladesh.

Objective of the meeting:

1.       Deepened understanding of youth development issues in the region especially of marginalized and vulnerable.

2.       Strengthened recognition of youth's Contributions and competitive advantage development as partners in achieving the SDGs.

3.       Improve capacity of youth to understand ADB operations and to contribute innovative and effective solutions to support future and ongoing project.

4.       Increase commitment from the stakeholders and current partners in resourcing and mobilizing youth for the prosperity of Asia and Pacific.

The AYF5 created scope of capacity building for the youth (skill building, community engagement, networking, learning and presentation). And youth attended different sessions of ADB Annual meeting.